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Monash’s Master of Applied Mental Health: A gateway to rewarding mental health careers

Over the last decade, mental health awareness has become as important as physical health. Many of the stigmas surrounding mental health have slowly dissolved, propelling it to the forefront of overall well-being. With an openness to engage and a noticeable shift in mental health awareness, there has been an overwhelming need for experienced, well-educated professionals. The welcomed shift has seen many existing professionals and new graduates seeking opportunities to differentiate themselves when seeking jobs in psychology. And that differentiator has come to many in the form of Monash’s Master of Applied Mental Health.

With an expected growth of 23.3% over the next five years, the scope and need for experienced, educated mental health professionals continue to grow. Through Monash’s Master of Applied Mental Health, you’ll be allowed to enhance your career while shaping the mental health care of the future. 

Monash creates skilled mental health professionals 

Aiming to fulfil the need to upskill, Monash offers a Master of Applied Mental Health that will equip you with key learnings to lead holistic, positive change. Lending a seamless pathway from Monash’s Graduate Diploma in Psychology, the master’s program provides students with methods to understand and work with complex issues that impact mental health. The master’s program specifically focuses on the following:

  • addiction and recovery
  • family violence practice foundations
  • suicide prevention and support

Guided by recommendations from the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System, you will gain an understanding of mental health and wellbeing policy and practice through the program. You will work directly with industry professionals to solve real-world problems and produce a solid portfolio to help them pursue jobs in psychology.

Why study at Monash University Online?

Through a Master of Applied Mental Health program, you’ll be allowed to enhance your career while shaping the mental health care of the future. But why study at Monash University? Ranked as one of the leading universities in Australia and one of the top 100 in the world, Monash University has a reputation for offering the highest quality of education in mental health. Backed by an academic team of mental health experts, the Master of Applied Mental Health program is no exception.

Whether in the job market or building a practice, Monash’s Master of Applied Mental Health is a great differentiator that will set you apart. Designed to accommodate your lifestyle, Monash’s online courses allow for flexible studying. With dynamic, vital classrooms, access to course material and a student hub, world-class online education has never been more attainable.

What careers can you pursue with a Master of Applied Mental Health?

A Master of Applied Mental Health is more than just a degree. With it, you can explore a variety of mental health work, including the following:

  • Mental Health Program Manager: Working in a mental health clinic, hospital or other healthcare facilities, mental health program managers oversee all aspects of the program being run in that institute. They are responsible for managing patient behaviour and supporting mental health workers. Mental health program managers earn an annual salary of $102,000.
  • Health and Safety Manager: Assisting employers and organisations to look after the health, safety, and wellbeing of all the employees or workforce, the health and safety manager has a vital role in companies. Health and safety managers earn an annual salary of $130,000.
  • Psychologist: Using techniques like observation and assessment, psychologists seek to understand and explain the thoughts, feelings, behaviour and emotions of people. There are many types of psychologists, including forensic, social, experimental, school and clinical psychologists—to name a few. Psychologists earn an annual salary of $95,000.

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