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Designing a human resource management approach that can adapt and adjust 

COVID-19 was a force for change in the world of HR. No longer was employee productivity the sole focus for businesses, but their well-being too. During the pandemic, employee wellbeing contributed to business sustainability, and this remains the same in the post-COVID-19 world. It was a monumental shift, and Monash University’s online Master of Human Resource Management course reflects it. 

We delved into the minds of one of the academics who shaped it, Dr Susan Mayson. Here’s what she had to say.

“Today’s increasingly volatile business environment is forcing companies to transform at an unprecedented pace. That’s why I’m changing it.”

Thinking beyond the status quo.

If you want to change how an industry works, you need to get a different perspective. As a sociology expert and former Director of Education for Monash’s Department of Management, that’s exactly what Dr Mayson brought to the table. 

“I’m interested in equity and diversity. My research area is on diversity and inclusion. I Most recently, I’ve started some research looking at young people with disability and helping them access work.”

This perspective was crucial in developing a Master of Human Resource Management that is not only extensive but also gives students the tools to keep up with the dynamic, ever-changing world of business. One that not only acknowledges the complexity of the environment in which it exists but of its employees too.

Changing the HR landscape, one unit at a time.

Typically, a human resource management course will focus solely on how you can make people productive so that the organisation can make a profit. However, Dr Mayson’s focus was to take human resource management a step further. 

Dr Mayson explains, “It’s not about recruiting and selecting staff. It’s not about performance management. It’s looking at people management issues in a broader context.” This perspective has resulted in the course having units around people and change, ethics and law, and disability and inclusion. Just to name a few. 

“What we were looking for was to have a Master of Human Resource Management that encouraged people to focus on the complex environment in which organisations exist. And manage that with ethics and purpose.”

Setting up students for success. 

From leadership to management skills, Dr. Mayson equips her students with the fundamental skills they need to excel in the workplace and stand out from the crowd, for today, tomorrow, and the future.

Dr Mayson also understands that her students are not blank canvases – they bring their identity and their lived experiences to the course too. So, she ensured that the Master of Human Resource Management would walk the talk. 

The course has a range of policies that go above and beyond the course material – from flexible working options to domestic violence support to gender transition arrangements. So, that every student feels like they’re set up for success, no matter what life throws at them.  

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